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The Function of Your Core Muscles while using Bonn Sports Treadmill
According to gym health, it is important to train and strengthen
your core muscles because of the immense role they play in normal
functions such as balance and stability. Your core muscles are vital
to your ability to carryout even the simplest physical activity.
Because your core muscles, including your lower back are engaged
by every exercise and physical activity, they are always being worked
to a certain extent; however, more emphasis should be placed on
training this muscle group.

Walk Before You Run
Take your time when using the treadmill to develop your strength
and endurance. Weight Loss Resources reveals that running on a
treadmill is not as taxing on your joints as running outdoors on a
hard top surface. This does not mean that you should throw caution
to the wind when training on a treadmill. If you have weak core
muscles or you are out of shape, walk before you run, literally.
Walking is an activity that recruits the core muscles as well.

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One of the recognizable highlights of a spa center is its equipments.
For spa clients to get the most comfortable and relaxing service, the
spa equipment needs to help. Of course, in choosing the best equipments,
there are a lot of factors to consider when making an impression.



Bonn Sports Equipment’s Trading – Our mission is that we promise to deliver the best service to our customers & their organizations within the best possible time and value for quality.


Our aim is to “Set the Standard” for Service Excellence throughout the region. We have backup reputation as a service company providing high quality service to our various prestigious customers nation wide.


We are one stop provider of high end solutions in the areas of Health, Fitness, Sports and Leisure. At Bonn Sports we provide quality products and service from our top international Brand & suppliers at value for money.


At Bonn Sports we offer a comprehensive personal service to all our clients. What this means is that we’ll make a point of knowing you and your equipment.


Bonn Sports Equipment’s Trading is a one stop provider of high end solutions in the areas ofHealth, Fitness, Sports and Leisure. We provide quality products and service from our top international Brand & suppliers at value for money.

Our aim is to “Set the Standard” for Service Excellence throughout the region. We have backupreputation as a service company providing a high quality service to numerous prestigious customers, including Health Clubs, Universities, Colleges, Corporate Facilities and Hotel Chains Nation wide. No matter who the customer is our service is comprehensive. We’ll take care of everything from your first call through to the completion of the service required. What’s more, we’ll do it at a competitive.

The Quality Hallmark

Quality is the hallmark that drives us and we ensure that there is no compromise on quality at any time. We provide detailed confidential manual and standard forms for all inspection,maintenance, repair and installation functions including on-site procedures. This not only ensures consistent quality but also provides a clear record of all items serviced, their original condition, and the work that was carried out. The important thing is the fact that our team members are well trained to carry out SPA & gymnasium maintenance in a competent manner. The materials and parts used in both maintenance and manufacturing are of the best possible standards and in accordance with the quality policy laid out by us.