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Machine exercises are a good technique to tune your individual muscles and build your body as you choose. They provide many options than free weight workout involving barbells and dumbbells. Apart from reducing the pressure on joints and avoiding injuries, machines also offer the right exercise for each muscle in your body. Let us take a look at some of the common machine workouts and how effective they are in body building.

Seated Pullover
There are few movements that give maximum benefit to the upper lats (latissimus dorsi muscle) and teres major so directly, and helps to improve your wings under the armpit. The seated pullover is a fine solution for creating that V shaped body. You may bring the seat slightly higher or lower to get a different feel when doing these. But always make sure to go from full stretch to contraction.

Rear Delt Flye
This workout is usually done on the same equipment as of a seated chest flye, but facing oneself inward towards the back pad. This will help to smash the rear delts and also allows tuning your mid and upper back muscles. Set the seat in a higher or lower position in order to hit the rear delts differently. Also, if you want to provide good workout to your mid-traps, bring the elbows maximum backwards and squeeze.

Leg Press
Leg press is an excellent Gym workout if you want to build your thigh muscles. They should be done with a full range of motion and not be a half repper. You can go for sets of 4 to 6 and get effective training for your thighs without over exerting the upper body. You may also try varying your foot positions with each workout and also try doing the exercise with one leg at a time so that every muscle gets individual care.

Seated Chest Flye
This workout helps to tear up your muscle fibers with a deep stretch and powerful contraction, which then can be repaired and built stronger. For optimum result, make sure to keep your elbows up and in line with the hands throughout. The seats can be moved a bit higher or lower to better target muscles in the lower, middle or clavicular pectorals.

Hack Squat
This will help to build the size of your thigh muscles to a great extent. At the same time it won’t put much pressure on your lower back. Hack squats can make your glutes and hips stronger by providing them best workout. This is a safe workout and won’t injure your neck muscles even when piling on the plates. You may try moving your feet a bit higher or lower on the platform so as to give equal attention to all the muscles. Exercise with a wide or narrow position to shift emphasis from the inner thighs to outer part. Reverse hack squats will help you to focus more on your glutes.

Standing Single Leg Curl
A standing single leg curl helps to focus on the back of your thighs and buttocks. Try to point your foot rather than flexing it to get the optimum effect.

Cable Overhead Triceps Extension
Overhead extension workout helps to stimulate the triceps and is good for arm training. If done with a cable instead of dumbbell, it provides a strong peak contraction along with the stretch. You can also perform this movement with various bar attachments like cambered bar.

Cable Preacher Curl 
With a machine pulling down on you at the top of the movement, you have resistance that allows for a hard and productive squeeze. It also gives great control while going for a full stretch that acts as a strong anabolic trigger. Try moving your grip from narrow to wide to give focus on the inner or outer biceps heads. You may also try this exercise one arm at a time for maximum concentration and neural drive.

As we discussed, there are a variety of machine workouts that can be used in a public Gym or in our own home Gym that gives as a focused attention to each of our body muscles. But, the quality of your machines is a major factor that decides the quality of your workout. Low quality equipment or those with wear and tear may turn out to be harmful to your body than being beneficial. Bonn Sports is the provider of best Gym Accessories in UAE and the best place to buy used gym equipment in UAE. We also provide AMC support for your Gym equipment. Visit our store or order online for quality fitness equipment for a healthy body.

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