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Taking a steam bath can be a very refreshing experience for your body and mind. But, in today’s busy world it is difficult for people to find time to go to a spa or health club often to take a steam bath. The best solution is to set up a steam room in your home and spend a few minutes everyday to have an energizing steam bath.

But, before you install a steam room, you need to find a generator capable of powering it. Here are a few guidelines to help you find the best steam generator from the numerous options available in the market.


What is a steam room?

First, let us understand a steam room and the way it functions. A steam room or steam shower is a small, enclosed room fitted with a steam generator and a vapor-tight door. The floor, walls and ceiling of a steam room are usually made of materials like tiles that are impervious to heat. The heat from the generator boils the water and the resultant vapor gets filled in the room.

The room will also have a bench or similar seating that allows you to relax enjoying the steam. It can often accommodate two or more people, making it a comfortable space for the entire family to spend time together.


How does a steam generator work?

The steam generator operates in a very simple way by heating up the water stored in a tank within the generator and the steam is released outside as the water boils. They are easy to install and operate with no complex use of technology and provides a warm and soothing steam shower to the user.


Qualities of a good steam generator

These are a few qualities that you must look for while purchasing a steam generator from the shop.

Generates steam in very less time

A warranty period of at least 2 years for the whole generator and more for component parts

Compact design that helps it to fit into any space

Easy control panel to regulate the amount of steam

Safety features to prevent short circuits and similar accidents

Digital display to monitor temperature and time

Auto diagnosis option that notifies any complaints

Simple to install and operate

Presence of water-proof sensor

Facility to add fragrance or essential oils to enjoy a refreshing aromatherapy

Free from noise during operation



A steam room can be a highly promising one-time investment for your home. It helps each family member to stay refreshed and healthy everyday without taking the trouble to go out. If you are planning to set up a home steam room, Bonn Sports can be your best choice for buying steam generator in Dubai. Bonn Sports is the leading provider of high-quality fitness equipment and sauna and steam generators in Dubai. We help your fitness dreams come true.


A guide to choosing best steam generator in 2020