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Have you ever thought about the environment while selecting your sauna heater? If not, it’s time to take a serious thought on the subject. Because, a small positive step from your side can create a great impact in reducing the global ecological footprint. Let us discuss a few points that can be considered while selecting a sauna heater so that your health choice is equally sustainable and healthy to the environment and its inhabitants.


Types of Sauna

Infrared Sauna – They use lamps that produce electromagnetic radiation to heat your body instead of the whole room. Heat produced is usually lower compared to other types and stays around 60 degree Celsius.

Wooden Sauna – This is a traditional method and uses burning wood to generate heat directly or by heating sauna rocks. You can add further heat and humidity to the room by pouring water onto the rocks at intervals.

Electric Sauna – This is very common in health clubs and Gyms and uses electrical heaters to heat sauna rocks. It produces dry heat with no humidity.

Steam Sauna – These ones use steam produced from boiling water to generate heat and humidity. They are also known as Turkish saunas.


How to select a sustainable sauna heater?

Choose a heater that has exact size, because selecting a heater that is too small or large in size may lead to an increase in the consumption of electricity or firewood.

The sauna walls and ceiling whether made of stone, glass or equivalent surfaces should be insulated well as otherwise it may lead to a loss of power. Even if non-insulated, it should be compensated by increasing the volume of the sauna.

Customize your sauna with regard to personal bathing preferences. For those who use the sauna often, it is preferable to have a heat storing electric heater.

Angular split-face sauna stones are a good choice as they store enormous heat and allow loose placement of stones. They are also a better sustainable choice as it involves fewer ecologically harmful processing than rounded stones or ceramic stones. Always choose high quality stones to get better heat and boost the lifespan of the resistors.

At Bonn Sports, we have high quality sauna electric heaters and sauna accessories in UAE from top brands like Harvia, Amerec and Tylo, which features efficient thermal insulation that allows the heater to provide sufficient heat with very little electricity. The heater works best in saunas with good thermal insulation and no thick materials such as wood or concrete.


Proper use of sauna heater

Do not heat the sauna heater for longer periods than what is necessary. It is advised to keep the temperature at 60-80 degree Celsius in order to avoid overheating.

Always remember to switch off the heater after you have finished bathing. It would be better to allow the lingering heat to dry off the sauna room surfaces.

While replacing a damaged or old electric heater with a new one, take the old heater to a recycling facility.

If several people bath at the same time, the heater running time and energy consumption can be reduced.

Close the sauna room window during bath so that heat loss and energy consumption can be prevented.

Proper drying of the sauna room helps to improve the life span of wooden surfaces. This can be done by using the residual heat and no need to further switch on the heater.

Proper maintenance gives the heater a longer lifespan. It is desirable to replace the stones within every two years or more frequently if the usage is more. Bonn Sports is a one stop solution for customized and branded sauna accessories in UAE.



A relaxing and refreshing sauna bath will be one of the best preferences during your free times or after a hard Gym workout. Whether you do it regularly or once in a while, sauna bath can provide numerous health benefits. But, it is important to remain selective while choosing your sauna accessories. At Bonn Sports, we have many years of experience in providing branded sauna accessories in UAE. With the right sauna heater and accessories you can not only have a pleasant sauna experience, but remain committed towards ecology and sustainability.



Is your Sauna Ecofriendly?