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Sauna and steam bath are popular throughout the world as an effective technique to relax and rejuvenate oneself from the daily stress and work tension. But, there are far more health benefits associated with sauna bath that are often overlooked by the common people.

Let us discuss here different types of saunas, health benefits of sauna bath and how to gain maximum benefit out of it.


Types of Sauna

  • Wood-burning sauna – It uses rocks or wood to produce heat and is very much similar to the traditional Finnish sauna. We can regulate the amount of heat in the room by adjusting the burning rate.
  • Electric sauna – This type creates heat with a wall or floor mounted electric heater. It employs a remote control with temperature display to adjust the heat to our desired level.
  • Wooden sauna room – It is a modular unit mostly made out of various types of wood including western red cedar, Nordic white spruce, pine or hemlock.
  • Infrared saunas – These are often mentioned as infrared heat therapy rooms. Inside them, heating elements reflect heat in the form of light directly onto the person’s body. They are mostly used by athletes or by those performing weight training.


Health Benefits

Relax your mind – Taking regular sauna bath calms your nerves and muscles. This will in turn relieves the daily work stress and frees your mind of all tensions and worries. It also accelerates the release of Endorphin hormone that helps to reduce stress and pain.

Eliminates Toxins – Sweat is a major factor that helps to detox your body by removing heavy metals and other chemical substances from your body. So, by making you sweat more, sauna bath prevents waste matter from accumulating in your body. It is recommended to sit in a sauna for 20-25 minutes to get the maximum benefit.

Rejuvenates your skin – Regular sauna bath helps to rejuvenate and give a fine glow to your skin. The heat from the steam helps to open up the skin pores and activates the expulsion of impurities that are accumulated beneath the skin tissues. This can cure many skin diseases like acne and makes your skin smooth and shiny.


Prevents sinusitis – Steam is an effective cure in preventing sinusitis. It helps to open up and loosen the mucus membranes, thus making breathing easier. So, regular sauna bath also aids the curing of recurring colds, sneezing and other common infections.

Accelerates blood flow – Heat from the steam makes our blood vessels dilate allowing blood to flow freely and carry oxygen across the body.

Improves cardio health – Clinical studies suggest that taking sauna bath 2-3 times per week for a period of 30 minutes can improve your cardio health to a great extent and can prevent serious health issues like hypertension and heart attack. It also helps to regulate and normalize heartbeat.

Post-workout recovery – Heavy workout will drain your entire energy and your muscles need some extra rejuvenation for fast recovery. Sauna, when combined with your daily workout can give amazing results and will improve your health and stamina to great extent.

Helps weight loss – If you are suffering from obesity, regular sauna bath can help you to a certain extent in weight loss if supported by a balanced diet and daily workout.

Makes body flexible – Steam helps to reduce the hardening and stiffening of muscles, making them more flexible and alleviates body pain.



The most commonly reported benefits of sauna bath include relaxation, stress reduction and socializing. But, in today’s world filled with numerous tensions and diseases, saunas can perform wonders in maintaining our physical and mental health. Bonn Sports Equipment Trading is the leading provider of Spa Equipments in UAE (Dubai). We shall set up customized sauna, steam and Jacuzzi for your homes and spa.



Sauna Bath – Way to Healthy Life