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Are you a person who loves to take a sauna bath often? If so, which type of sauna do you prefer – a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna? What qualities really differentiate one type from the other? Let us have a look at the different types of sauna rooms and which one suits your likes and preferences. If you are planning to set up a sauna in your home, ensure that you pick the right one of your choice.

Types of sauna heaters

Let us take a walk through the different types of sauna heaters available across the market.

Smoke sauna: These are the oldest and original Finnish sauna that originated in Finland. It operates by heating large pieces of rocks in an enclosed sauna room with no chimneys. Birchwood is burned beneath the rocks to heat them and the smoke fills the entire room. The fire is extinguished and the smoke is let out through the door just before the user enters the room. But, the heat and aroma lingers for a long time providing a pleasant sauna bath. Although popular amongst sauna lovers it is very difficult to maintain in today’s busy schedule.

Wood burning sauna: This is very much similar to the smoke sauna and resembles the traditional Finnish sauna. Pieces of stones are heated by means of burning firewood under the stone. But unlike smoke saunas, they have chimneys to let the smoke outside and heating is done by means of hot stones only. Pros and cons are similar to the smoke sauna.

Gas fired sauna: This is a highly preferred sauna heater as it is easy and less expensive to operate than other forms. It heats the room quickly than its traditional forms and creates a gentle heat that provides a pleasant sauna experience. But, it is a bit risky if proper ventilation facilities are not available.

Steam Sauna: This is more similar to the Turkish spa rather than a sauna, since it has high level humidity and lower temperature compared to traditional Finnish sauna. Temperature in a steam sauna is controlled by a thermostat and is maintained at 49 degree Celsius.

Electrically heated sauna: Electric sauna heaters are one of the most popular saunas in use nowadays. Most of them are wall mounted and have remote control options. They are highly effective, trendy and comfortable to use. Different size variants are available as per the size of the sauna room.

Infrared sauna: Instead of heating the room, they operate by radiating heat onto a person’s body directly. Rather than being a traditional sauna, they work as a heat therapy room. Heat from an infrared sauna is modified as per the radiant heat of your body, which helps the body to absorb maximum heat without any energy wastage.

The benefits of an infrared sauna

Though, all saunas have a positive impact on your health, infrared saunas have some additional benefits that make them a better choice than its counterparts.

More effective – They work at a mild temperature below 125F, while traditional saunas go beyond 200F. This helps you to stay for longer periods and derive more benefits from the sauna.

Low energy consumption – They utilize much less energy compared to traditional saunas as the power required is just enough to heat the body instead of the entire room. Also, it does not contribute to the emission of green gases or toward the depletion of non-renewable resources. Thus, it is a truly sustainable solution compared to traditional methods.

Less expensive – As a result of consuming very less energy compared to traditional saunas, infrared saunas are really affordable for home saunas. The installation charge and maintenance charges are also less compared to other types.

Safe for all – Infrared heater is very safe compared to electric or gas saunas. The heat radiating from the equipment is the same that is used in incubators for new born babies and is safe for everyone including those with health problems.

Easy maintenance – Being simple with less accessories, infrared saunas are easier to maintain than the traditional forms. So, it’s highly comfortable for the busy modern life.

Need a home sauna?

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Why is infrared sauna better compared to traditional sauna?