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Bonn Sports offers high quality PVC Sports Flooring with excellent Shock Absorption, Ball Rebound for Sports, Sound Absorption, hygienic and Anti Skid Properties to give you the best Sporting experience.

PVC Flooring Bonn Sports

Bonn Sports provide tough, form fitted PVC Flooring for both your Indoor and Outdoor Sports Flooring needs. PVC Flooring is ideal for usage in Gyms, Schools, Sports Courts, home or Commercial Offices. PVC Sports Flooring is more affordable than other surfaces and is durable, resilient and easy to maintain. Wear and Tear is very minimal unlike other Sports Flooring and is easy to install.

PVC Sports Flooring is multi purpose and can be used to cover any kind of Surfaces even if it is rugged giving a seamless exterior outlook to your floor. PVC Flooring not only comes in attractive colours and designs but have significant anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties.

Benefits of PVC Flooring

1. Suitable for all kinds of Multi purpose Use

2. Anti Slip Properties and Safe

3. Excellent Shock Absorption and sports injuries are minimal

4. Attractive Colours and Designs

5. Easy to Install and Low Maintenance

6. Good Acoustics Absorption

7. Convenient Ball Rebound Capabilities for Sports

Contact our experts to learn more about PVC Flooring and what will suit you the most