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Rubber Flooring BONN SPORTS

Bonn Sports provides high quality, recycled, eco-friendly and durable Rubber Flooring for all your Sports Flooring Needs. We have an extensive range of collection of Rubber flooring in different colours which can be customized to suit the theme, design and interiors of your Indoor Sports Facility, Gym or School. Contact our experts at Bonn sports to get a customized solution for your Sports facility.

Each Sports needs a unique environment, flooring and Setup and it is very important to cater to the standards and safety norms for each Sport. Rubber flooring is a safe and much sought after Sports flooring for most Indoor Sports and Sports activities for children. Rubber Flooring is available in attractive colours and sizes and is easy to maintain making it a preferred option in Sports activities like

1. Fitness Centers/Gyms

2. Children Play Area

3. Athletic Tracks

4. Multi use Sports

5. Sports Complexes

6. Sports like Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Foot Ball, Shooting Ranges, Aerobic activities etc

Rubber flooring are Anti-Skid, All-Weather Surfaces and are suitable for installation in Schools, Sports Clubs, Gyms, Hotels, Home and many other locations. Rubber Floorings are easy to install and easy to maintain surfaces and withstand various climatic conditions like high temperatures or cold weather. Rubber Flooring are resilient and durable and lasts for a longer time.

Some benefits of Rubber Flooring are

1. Easy to Install

2. Easy to Maintain

3. Durable

4. Attractive Colours

5. Safe and Anti Skid properties

6. Persistent to change in Weather Conditions

7. Impact while falling is very less thereby reducing Sports Injuries considerably.

8. Wear and Tear is minimal.